Road to Alpha Centauri (updating)

(Updating article)

Let’s talk about how we can reach Alpha Centauri from our Solar system.

What do you think we need to reach there? You want a cool space craft like Enterprise in Star Trek? Yes, we need it definitely. But, before that, we need to analyze the stars to see what is there, and need to understand what we need.

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What do you think is the first thing?

(Adding Alpha Centauri and Solar system relation and distance)
(Adding Alpha Centauri components, 2 fixed star and 1 fixed star circulating in million year period.)
(Adding Solar system neighbor map up to 15 light years.)
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(Adding how we found Proxima Centauri b and its characteristics)
(Adding how we analyze its atmosphere)

1) Probing

Yes, we need to send a probe to see what is there. Do you know how we found the stars in Alpha Centauri? We used the telescope and see the strength of the light. We also can measure the position of the stars from other stars.

But with the telescope, stars will look like only a dot, and we can not know what exactly what we need to prepare to reach there and land.

Most of the magnified pictures for our Solar system we are seeing on the internet are taken by the probes which actually go there close to the planet, take photos, and transmit the data to us.

With the telescope on earth, Mars looks only in this resolution.

<img src=”” />

This is the picture taken by Subaru Telescope. It is not fine as the pictures Mars probe sent to us.

For Mars, recent pictures are coming from HiRISE camera of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite orbiting around Mars and Curiosity Rover running on Mars.

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2) Atmosphere

We need measure the atmosphere on the planet. For example, Mars atmosphere is filled with Carbon dioxide, CO2.
To see this information, our new telescope, James Webb is going to analyze the spectrum of the light coming from Proxima Centauri which went through Proxima Centauri b atmosphere. You also need to understand how they analyze the atmosphere.
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3) Space station

Going up to the space from Earth, we need to escape from the Earth gravity, and this will consume a lot of fuel. Firstly we need to build a space station, and we can transfer vehicles from Earth to other planets.
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4) Vehicles from Earth to Space Station

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5) Vehicles from Space Station to Alpha Centauri

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6) Interstellar materials from Earth to Alpha Centauri

(Adding Solar system map)
(Adding outer Solar system map)
(Adding Alpha Centauri map)
(Adding interstellar materials we know so far)
(Adding probes will find more stars and material)

7) Space station on Alpha Centauri

(Adding Proxima Centauri information)
(Adding Proxima Centauri b information)

8) Base station on Alpha Centauri b

(Adding Base station information on Mars)

9) Materials to send from Earth to Alpha Centauri b

  1. Probe
  2. Satellite
  3. Rover
  4. Robot
  5. Base
  6. Other Materials for life support
  7. Space station
  8. Launch station from Base to Satellite or Space Station
  9. Solar sail launch station
  10. Solar sail space craft
  11. Relay station on the way between Earth and Alpha Centauri b

10) Inter-Planet bus within solar system



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