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<About this blog>
In this blog, I would like to introduce new technologies and talk about their technological challenges.

I also would like to discuss how we can use those technologies and, if any, how we can overcome their issues here.

Please leave any comment or request in the comment box, and I try and feedback to it.

I will introduce myself here.

I am an IT engineer working for more than 20 years in telecommunication field. I am involved in the development of the communication devices, called as “CPE”. They are mostly used in carrier market.

CPE represents for “Customer Premises Equipment”, and it is usually called as “Modem”. It is installed in our houses with some interfaces of  Ethernet, USB, WiFi, and Optical or Digital Subscriber Line.

I was recently working on virtualized CPE project, known as “vCPE”, and worked as a team leader of the device evaluation.
Now I am interested how we can apply those new virtualized networking devices and computer equipment to the new technologies and new products, and started this blog.

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